Conservation Halton Board Appoints Hassaan Basit as CAO

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The Conservation Halton Board of Directors are pleased to announce they have unanimously decided to offer Hassaan Basit the fulltime role of Chief Administrative Officer of Conservation Halton. Basit has served as General Manager since December 2015.

During the past six months, Basit has worked to develop a new strategic plan (Metamorphosis 2020), rebuild Conservation Halton’s image and brand, realign budgets, refine communication with stakeholders, and contributed to the Provincial Government’s Conservation Authority Act Review.

Conservation Halton Board Chair John Vice commented, “We are all delighted and impressed by Hassaan’s accomplishments in his six months as General Manager. His commitment to staff and to the Board has been exemplary. His perseverance, optimism, integrity, compassion, discipline and executive leadership have been recognized by the CAO Review Committee and the Board of Directors.”

“I would like to thank members of the Board of Directors for this opportunity, and for their support of my vision for the organization. I’ve been humbled by the encouragement I’ve received from so many people, not just from within the organization, but also from our partners and stakeholders” said Hassaan Basit, Chief Administrative Officer. “Above all, I would like to thank my staff for their support. They have shown a renewed drive to deliver exceptional services and embrace change.”

About Hassaan Basit 

A biologist at the University of Toronto early in his career, Hassaan has been with Conservation Halton for 12 years, starting out as Communications Specialist, before moving to Community Engagement and then Director of Communications. His role as Director of Strategic Planning has demonstrated his commitment and skill in engaging staff, asking tough questions, building consensus and moving forward in a focused, strategic direction. He also served as acting Director of Lands, which has allowed him a thorough understanding of Conservation Halton from a conservation, regulation, and operations perspective. In addition to his experience at a senior leadership level, his academic qualifications include a B.Sc in Biology from the University of Toronto, and M.Sc from Queen’s University of Belfast.