Barn Encounters

Barn Encounters

Get a personal introduction to the barn animals at Mountsberg with this 45-minute program, offered on Saturdays and Sundays at 1 PM and 2 PM, during the summer.

Barn Encounters can be booked on a walk-in basis but we encourage you to book in advance, due to availability—especially if there is a particular date you are interested in. To purchase, click the below link and select the calendar day that you are interested in. You will then find availability for that date.

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Barn Encounter – $80.00 (+HST) per group (group maximum  of 5 people)
Your Barn Encounter fee includes park admission. Come for the barn tour and stay the whole day!


Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can I bring?

Barn Encounter programs are designed for a maximum of 5 people at this time. Please contact Visitor Services for more details!

Will you take pictures for me?

Unfortunately, our staff’s attention will be on ensuring your group has an unforgettable, educational, and safe experience-- they will be unable to take photos for you. However, you are encouraged to bring your own camera and take as many photos as you like. Our staff may be able to help out with a group photo in a pinch, but the safety of our guests and our animals is our primary consideration.

Can I pet the animals?

Whenever possible, the Barn Encounter experience includes the opportunity to touch an animal. Most of the barn animals at Mountsberg Conservation Area are tolerant of new individuals when first introduced. While we will always try to accommodate requests to meet your favourite animal, the safety of our guests and animals is our number one priority. Certain animals may not be available for the encounter. If an animal availability is a consideration for you when booking a program, please speak with our staff for details. Please Note: In situations where touching an animal raises safety concerns for guests, staff or the animals, alternate activities (photos near animals can be arranged.

What should I be aware of?

The animals in our care are fed daily ratios and staff will provide the treats for feeding through your encounter. Our animals are generally calm while on lead but can be spooked by loud noises or sudden movements. It is important to stay calm and listen to direction from the Animal Handler. There may be an opportunity to get close and touch the animals, so it’s best to stay calm and quiet as they are curious of you and your group members. Our staff will offer you suggestions and advice which will make your Encounter memorable and informative.  

Is this appropriate for children?

Yes, our programs are always appropriate for children of all ages! The content of the Barn Encounter will be personalized to the group’s age and interest level. Please note: For safety reasons children may not be able to touch, pet or hold all the animals. Alternate activities can be arranged if a group member(s) are nervous of activities set out in your Encounter.

Is this program fully accessible?

Conservation Halton is committed to making our parks and programs accessible for all. Please inform our staff in advance if any member of your party has environmental allergies, special or exceptional needs, accessibility concerns, applicable phobias (large animals, sudden movements, loud noises), or sensitivities. We are happy to discuss the program in advance and personalize it for your group. If you or a member of your group requires a Service Animal, we are happy to provide temporary housing for that animal or alterations to the program. For safety reasons, Service Animals are not permitted in the barns during the programs. Please Note: This program involves proximity to live animals. Although you are not in any danger from our animals, they are still capable of independent movement, noise, and activity—please ensure all members of your party are able to stay calm around animals before you book your Barn Encounter.

Do I still pay my gate fee?

No, your park admission is included with the price of your Barn Encounter.

Questions? Contact us

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