Brookies in Bronte, Forever!

About the Program

Brookies in Bronte, Forever! is a multi-phased project aimed at protecting, sustaining and enhancing Brook Trout habitat in the Bronte Creek watershed through education, awareness and habitat rehabilitation. Our goal is to sustain and restore populations through education and empowerment of private landowners.

Brook Trout are a cold water species of fish indigenous to Bronte Creek. They flourish in steady flowing, cold water streams with gravel bottoms and plenty of shade. Recent monitoring suggests that Brook Trout populations are in decline in the Bronte Creek watershed and throughout southern Ontario. Conservation Halton is hoping to reverse this trend with the initiation of the Brookies in Bronte, Forever! project.



There are two primary focuses in the first phase of the project:

Buffers for Brookies

Brookies in Bronte, Forever! is reaching out to Landowners interested in enhancing the health and vitality of Bronte Creek through riparian buffer plantings. Planting native trees, shrubs and herbaceous vegetation adjacent to a stream’s course will provide Brook Trout with shade and reduce stream temperature. Furthermore, the vegetation will attract insects and other wildlife that Brook Trout rely on for food, as well as provide bank stability and reduce erosion.





Barrier Mitigation

Opportunities to enhance aquatic passage are being sought out through the reduction and removal of impediments for Brook Trout. In stream barriers being examined include pond decommissioning, culvert repair/replacement and dam/barrier removal. Removing barriers to fish passage can allow Brook Trout to return to habitat that may presently be impossible to navigate or re-inhabit.