Buffers for Brookies - Project Eligibility


Eligible projects:

  • Private lands with Bronte Creek occurring on a landowner’s property
  • Sites that have been identified as existing or potential habitat for Brook Trout populations
  • Stretches of creek that would be enhanced by a riparian buffer
  • May be subject to review by the Project Technical Advisory Committee (PTAC)

Planting requirements:

  • A riparian buffer zone must be identified for restoration, up to a maximum of 30m from the stream bank
  • Species chosen will be native to the Conservation Halton watershed
  • Landowners, family and friends are encouraged to participate in the plantings
  • Each planting plan will be approved or designed by the Restoration Technician

Landowner must sign a stewardship agreement that:

  • Allow Halton staff to provide photos to its funders. Photos may be used for promotional purposes such as social media, websites, reports, newsletters, factsheets, and displays
  • Permit Conservation Halton staff occasional access to the property for monitoring purposes (i.e. 1, 5, 10 years)
  • The landowner will protect and maintain the planted area


  • Up to 100% of eligible buffer project costs will be covered, up to a maximum of $5000, subject to availability
  • Additional funding may be available through government and/or not-for-profit organizations