Community Education and Involvement

Opportunities for Community Education and Involvement

There are a number of exciting and rewarding education, outreach, and volunteer programs you can get involved with in the watershed. The following opportunities are also available through Conservation Halton’s Education and Volunteer and Community pages: 

  • Conservation Halton hosts a number of education programs for schools and groups at the Crawford Lake and Mountsberg Conservation Areas;
  • The Halton Children’s Water Festival provides elementary students in grades two through five with the opportunity to learn about the importance of one of our most precious resources: water;
  • The Halton Watershed Stewardship program works with landowners providing advice on environmentally friendly ways of managing properties that encompass natural features such as woodlots, wetlands, meadows, and creeks;
  • The Stream of Dreams program aims to bring awareness to communities about their local watersheds through environmental education and public artwork that is also intended to help remind us of our environmental responsibilities;
  • The Ways of the Woods (WOW) summer camps offersyoung campers  weekly programs and activities, with travels to forests, lakes, caves, streams, meadows, trails, and beaches, from July to August. Younger campers (6 to 8 years of age) are offered similar experiences without the overnight component.