Compliance and Violations


Permits are typically valid for a period of two years. For large infrastructure projects, a permit can valid for up to five yeras. CH staff works with landowners to ensure that approved works proceed according to the approved plans and conditions of the permit. In some situations, a condition of a permit may specify the timing of instream works to protect fisheries habitat. Should the construction not be completed within the specified time frame, an application to extend or exempt the approved timing window may be required. 

To ensure compliance, CH staff may undertake inspections of approved permits.


CH staff liaises with municipalities and other agencies to detect activities that are in contravention of Ontario Regulation 162/06. A contravention of Ontario Regulation 162/06 may occur when:

  • the development, interference or alteration activities have taken place contrary to an approved permit
  • development or activities related to an alteration or interference are carried out within a regulated area without written permission from Conservation Halton (CH)

Early detection allows CH staff to work with the landowner/agent to remedy issues at a minimal cost. When contraventions are easily remedied, there is no need to pursue legal action which could delay construction and result in costly fines, penalties and legal fees.

When a violation is identified, CH staff will make every effort to work with the landowner/agent to have the works that are in contravention of Ontario Regulation 162/06 removed and to restore the affected area. Where the landowner/agent is unwilling resolve issues CH may lay charges and initiate court proceedings.

If convicted, the person(s) committing the offence may be subject to a fine up to $10,000 or to a term of imprisonment of not more than three months. In addition, the development, interference or alteration may be required to be removed at the expense of the landowner. The landowner may also be required to rehabilitate the impacted area in a manner prescribed by the courts.

If you think a violation is occurring, please use the tips line to report your observations to