Decisions on Permit Applications

Review times and re-submissions are directly affected by the completeness and quality of the original permit application. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that an appropriate level of pre-consultation has occurred and that technical submissions and re-submissions meet good practice and industry standards. This approach is recommended to minimize the extent and number of re-submissions needed and prevent unnecessary delays.

When the technical review and all necessary site visits have been completed, Conservation Halton (CH) staff prepare recommendations for decision. To be recommended for approval, an application must meet the Conservation Halton (CH) Board-approved policies and technical requirements. In certain instances, an application may be recommended for approval with conditions.

Applications that are considered minor (e.g. additions, accessory buildings), are deemed complete, and conform to CH Board-approved policies are generally processed promptly and a decision is made within 30 days. 

Where an application does not fully meet the policy or technical requirements, CH staff recommend to the Chief Administrative Officer that a hearing before the CH Hearing Board be scheduled.

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