Field Trips


Environmental education brings students outside school walls and into natural classrooms where they can get their hands dirty looking for salamanders, doing soil samples, planting native species. These activities inspire awe, which in turn inspires care. It reaches students on an intellectual and emotional level we are less able to reach inside four walls. In providing moments discovering a longhouse or watching the flight of a Great Horned Owl, Environmental education reaches students conventional classrooms miss.

Conservation Halton offers field trips for students from kindergarten through to Grade 12 at Crawford Lake and Mountsberg Conservation Areas. More than 50,000 students from school boards from Halton Region and throughout the GTA participate in Conservation Halton environmental education programs. 

Environmental education is a critical component in the development of healthy, ecologically conscious citizens. It helps those who participate to develop a sense of place, a sense of the rocks, trees, streams and fields that silently but solidly support our communities. It opens our eyes to the interconnections between the health of our watershed and the plants and animals that live there and the health of our families.