Halton Parks People

Meet Our Halton Parks People

Halton Parks People reach for the outdoors every chance they get. You’ll see them on early mornings, hitting the trails as the sun rises. You’ll see them picking up their kids after the work day, mountain bikes loaded in the rack, heading for a quick family bike ride before dinner. You’ll see them embrace the winter, plunging through the drifts of snow--determined to beat their personal records. Halton Parks People understand the glory and satisfaction of being active. Their love of the outdoors is expansive. Halton Parks People don’t stop: their ethos is that a healthy active lifestyle celebrated outdoors is its own reward. Halton Parks People live their lives away from screens whether enjoying a quiet walk alone through the trees, or sharing in an outdoor experience with their friends and family. We don’t accept indoor idleness, because people like us: we find meaning in breathing fresh outdoor air.

We’re proud to have Halton Parks People as our ambassadors. We find inspiration in them as we hope you’ll find inspiration to get out there, too.

Mark - Trail Runner 

Mark is a Toronto based runner who believes in building the running community one kilometre at a time. Running for Mark is a form of therapy to cope with stress, as well as a way to connect with others in the city and worldwide. On any day of the week, Mark can be found running through Toronto, or on the trails with his partner, Jaclyn, and dog, Blaze. This year he will complete his fourth 50km, and his first staged trail race in Golden, BC. Mark will attend all of the 5peaks races as a part of his training and for fun. His first trail race was at 5peaks Rattlesnake Point in the summer of 2014. This started a journey that has led him to run trails all over Canada and the States.  

Gayle - Camper, Hiker, Outdoor Enthusiast

 Gayle has been a camper, hiker, and outdoors enthusiast since she was a teenager who fostered her love of being outdoors--and sharing that love with others--as a camp counsellor. Her outdoor pursuits in the last few years have mainly been in Ontario, Canada. But she is no stranger to combining her enthusiasm for the outdoors and international travel. She has camped across the country of Greece, rafted on the Iguazu River to Iguazu Falls in Brazil, hiked down Table Mountain in Cape Town South Africa, trail-ridden horses through the rainforests of Belize, zip-lined in Costa Rica and hiked through the rainforests of Panama. Now based in Guelph, she is the founder and writer for the blog Sometimes Eventful. Sometimes Eventful is a lifestyle/outdoor family blog about getting outside, exploring, and doing stuff.



Adrian - Mountain Biker and Photographer

Adrian is a husband, father, photographer, musician, and active outdoorsman.  A part of the MEC Burlington Events Team and a professional photographer, he spends a great deal of his time being active and outside.  Whether it’s leading a mountain bike meet up through winding forest trails, or hiking to a waterfall to capture a family photo session, inspiring people to get up and get out is what excites him.  More often than not, his wife and two energetic young boys join him; they also have an affinity for the outdoors, and activities such as mountain biking, hiking, trail running, swimming, SUPing, climbing, camping, star gazing and even bird watching. 



Sue - Mountain Biker

 Sue is a mountain biker, skier, mother, and loves sports in the outdoors. "Being in nature is an awakening of the senses. Add in the adrenaline rush of endorphins as you speed through the flow of the forest, float over rock gardens, hit gnarly descents and you have a recipe for an epic tale. Being one with the bike provides an escape from life’s distractions where nothing else matters, while filling your lungs with that euphoric scent of fresh air that the forest graciously provides us. Suffering on a long grind to the top always rewards us with scenic views that fill us with awe and keep us coming back for more. Get ready to shreddy!"