Before You Leave

  • Plan ahead by looking at a map, choosing a trail and making a reservation.
  • Use the trail ratings on the park maps to choose a trail that is appropriate for your skill level.
  • Note that the trail colour on the map is the colour that will mark the trail at the park.
  • Download the park on TrailForks, so that you always have a map, even without reception.
  • Estimate the time your hike will take by considering trail distance, difficulty and hiker ability.
  • If you are hiking alone, tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be home.
  • Always wear proper footwear, like running shoes or hiking boots. No flip-flips on the trails!
  • Check the forecast, dress for the weather and bring additional layers of clothing, if needed.
  • Bring your own water, snacks, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray and cell phone.
  • Always wear a helmet for biking, a lifejacket for boating and a harness for climbing.

Safety On The Trails

  • Know your capabilities, listen to your limits and, if you are uncertain about a trail, turn back.
  • Stay on the trails to avoid unpredictable terrain and protect natural areas. Don’t venture off!
  • Stick to the right side of the trail to allow other hikers, bikers, runners and skiers to pass.
  • Use extreme caution around cliff edges, steep slopes and bodies of water.
  • Stay away from cliff edges and steep slopes if there is high wind or the ground is wet or icy.
  • Always keep a close eye on children—especially around cliffs, slopes and water.
  • Always keep your dog on a leash for the comfort and safety of your pet and others.
  • Stay out of tall grass and and check yourself and your pet for ticks before you leave the park. Ticks carrying Lyme disease remain a potential issue in Halton. Visit Halton.ca/lymedisease for more info.

Other Tips

  • Use garbage and recycling bins or bring your trash home. Never leave trash on the trails! 
  • Do not remove flowers, leaves, mushrooms, etc. If everyone did it, there would be none left.
  • Drinking alcohol in the parks is prohibited for the safety of yourself and others.

Not sure which trail to choose for your skill level and ability? Use these trail difficulty rating symbols to help you choose.

Crawford Lake

Crawford Lake is the place where cultural history and scientific discovery meet. As if forest trails, boardwalk paths and scenic lookouts weren’t enough, this park has an entire reconstructed Longhouse Village and one rare meromictic lake to make your visit even more interesting. Children and adults will especially love the totally-touchable, completely-climable, larger-than-life wood carvings on the Hide and Seek Trail!

Click here to download the Crawford Lake trail map

Rattlesnake Point

Rattlesnake Point has something for everyone, with trails for beginners, more rugged routes for those in search of a challenge and even cliffs for climbers that are looking to reach new heights. Grab a few friends, pack some snacks an don’t forget your camera for a visit to this park. (And don’t worry... there aren’t actually any rattlesnakes!)

Click here to donwload the Rattlesnake Point trail map

Hilton Falls

The waterfall at Hilton Falls is one of the most beautiful in the area and you don’t have to hike far to find them, which makes this park a popular destination, not only in spring, summer and fall, but winter too—after all, they are just as stunning when they are frozen as when they are flowing! If you do come to Hilton Falls in the winter, bring bird seed for the chickadees. And if you come in the spring, bring bugspray! 

Click here to download the Hilton Falls trail map


Kelso’s Trail network will be closed for the next few weeks as we experience wet weather and freeze thaw cycles.
Our target re-opening date is December 21 (weather dependent), when our Winter Loop will be open for winter riding and hiking. The Winter Loop is the only maintained trail loop for the winter season. It is marked with signage on the trail posts. We appreciate your support, and the trails and other users thank you too!

You really can do it all at Kelso, and you can do it all year long! With tons of forest trails to try out, a lakeside boardwalk to wander and a variety of lookout points with awe-inspiring views, many of our visitors feel they need to come back to this park again and again to keep exploring!

Click here to download the Kelso trail map

The Kelso Winter Loop (6.3 km) will be open for hiking and biking during the winter! The Winter Loop will only be open when conditions and weather are permitting, as trails need to be frozen and firm, and can be closed without notice. The access gate on Steeles Road will indicate if the trail is open or closed.


Goats and horses and hawks, oh my! Come to Mountsberg for a hike and stay a little longer than you planned for the barn animals and birds of prey at the Mountsberg Raptor Centre. This park is perfect for families, with a play barn that was built for children, some easy trails, like the Wildlife Walkway (1.6 km), and some more challenging trails, like the Pioneer Creek Trail (6.5 km).

Click here to download the Mountsberg trail map

Mount Nemo

It is often said that great things come in small packages, and that couldn’t be more true of Mount Nemo. This park has only a couple of trails and they are a little short, but what it lacks in duration, it makes up in adventure and views. Whether you are a hiker or a climber, you’re sure to leave Mount Nemo with a totally new perspective on the area.

Click here to download the Mount Nemo trail map 

Robert Edmondson

Looking for a short hike and a bit of peace and quiet? Robert Edmondson is tucked away and tends to be the place where people go for reflection. There is only one trail (2 km), but it takes you through the woods, around a boardwalk and into a more peaceful state of mind.

(Robert Edmondson doesn’t have a trail map.)