Hassaan Basit
Chief Administrative Officer
Conservation Halton
905.336.1158 x 2270

(Updated September 2018)

Before joining Conservation Halton, Hassaan started his career as an evolutionary biologist at the University of Toronto, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Biology. He then completed a post-graduate degree in Science Communication from Queens University in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
During his 14 years at Conservation Halton, Hassaan has held a number of different positions, starting out as Communications Specialist, before becoming Director of Communications. His interest in strategy then led him to become Director of Strategic Planning. In this role, Hassaan demonstrated his willingness to ask tough questions, his ability to address challenges and to always look for solutions. In 2016, Hassaan was named Interim General Manager, and spent one year in this role before his title as Chief Administrative Officer was made official. During this time, he has worked to influence positive cultural change, build a strong brand image and develop a new strategic plan, Metamorphosis. Today, he is focused on leading Conservation Halton through the implementation of the strategic plan.
Hassaan frequently speaks at conferences on branding, strategy and science communication. He also teaches Sustainability at the University of Toronto and is a member of the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) Campus Council.

Senior Leadership Team

Corporate Services
Lawrence Wagner, Senior Director, 905.336.1158 x 2283

This department enables everything that we do through finance, technology and data. By integrating these areas of our business, this department positions us to embrace innovation, encourages smart financial decisions, supports strategic revenue generation, improves operational efficiency and provides leadership for the implementation of our strategic plan. This department also works to secure funding for many of our conservation, restoration, stewardship and education projects through the Conservation Halton Foundation.

Parks and Recreation
Gene Matthews, Director, 905.878.5011 x 1228

There were more than one million visits made to our parks this year and this department works hard to ensure that each of these visits are inspiring and memorable. We provide a wide range of recreation and education programs to create unique, accessible, and sustainable opportunities to connect with nature. This department is also responsible for business planning, park infrastructure, trail maintenance and visitor impact management, so that we can protect and preserve our parks for future generations to enjoy.

Planning and Watershed Management
Barb Veale, Director, 905.336.1158 x 2273

The purpose of this department is to support the development of sustainable communities and protect people and property from natural hazards, such as flooding and erosion. To do this, we provide planning comments and technical input to municipal and provincial partners on the potential environmental impacts of proposed development, regulate all development, including residential, commercial, industrial and institutional, near floodplains, wetlands, creeks and streams and protect drinking water through source water protection planning.

Science and Partnerships
Kim Barrett, Associate Director, 905.336.1158 x 2229

This department conducts scientific monitoring of the water, wetlands, forests, plants and animals within our watershed so that we can make smart decisions around planning, conservation, restoration and resource management. We also partner with schools, residents and other community members and groups to provide restoration, stewardship, education and outreach programs.

Corporate Compliance
Jill Ramseyer, Director, 905.336.1158 x 2316

The newly established corporate compliance department brings together experts responsible for health & safety, land and risk management, internal audit, insurance and procurement initiatives at Conservation Halton. This department is responsible for ensuring the organization and its employees follow the applicable laws, regulations, standards, and ethical practices. While laying out expectations for employee behaviour, corporate compliance helps staff to stay focused on organizational priorities and goals and helps business operations to run smoothly.

Human Resources
Plezzie Ramirez, Senior Manager, 905.336.1158 x 2252

The purpose of this department is to support and engage the people that work here through talent management, training and workplace health, wellness, safety. By integrating these areas of our business, we aim to be a top employer, a trusted public entity and a respected community partner.

Janelle Weppler, Associate Director, 905.336.1158 x 2294

This department manages four dams and three channels, which prevents loss of life and damage to property due to flooding and erosion, and maintains updated floodplain maps, which enables us to prevent development in areas prone to flooding and erosion. This department also provides emergency management support to our municipal partners by monitoring weather and watershed conditions, forecasting potential flood threats and issuing flood warnings.

Project Management Office

In addition to each of these departments, Conservation Halton also includes a Project Management Office, which resides under Corporate Services. This department provides ownership, management and support to projects in areas of focus such as Restoration, Conservation, Infrastructure, Assets, Facilities and Greenspace as a corporate service to other departments. The Project Management Office is a place to define and maintain project management standards, including project planning, communication and execution tools to guide and document project progress, corporate memory and lessons learned.