Lower Rambo Creek

Updates to the Regulatory Status of Lower Rambo Creek

The City of Burlington recently completed a Phase 1 Flood Hazard and Scoped Stormwater Management Assessment for downtown Burlington and the Burlington GO Major Transit Station Area (MTSA). The Phase 1 study revealed a flood hazard in the Lower Rambo watershed that is greater than previously understood. A Phase 2 study is currently underway to further refine the flood hazard mapping, but the Phase 1 study is considered the best available information for decisionmaking when development is contemplated in hazardous areas.

Updates to technical studies and new modelling help us better understand the nature and extent of existing flood hazards and can result in changes to hazard and conservation authority regulation mapping.

Under Ontario Regulation 162/06, Conservation Halton (CH) regulates all watercourses, valleylands, wetlands, Lake Ontario and Burlington Bay shoreline, and hazardous lands, as well as lands adjacent to these features. The purpose of the regulation is to protect people and property from the risks associated with natural hazards and to prevent worsening of existing hazards or the creation of new hazards. CHs regulation now applies to identified flood (i.e., floodplain and spill areas) and erosion hazards, as well as a 7.5 metre regulatory allowance, in the Lower Rambo Creek watershed. Permission is required from CH to develop in these areas.

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For more information about Phase 1 or Phase 2, please contact City of Burlington staff.

Charles Priddle, Ph.D. Umar Malik, M.Eng., P.Eng.
Manager, Regulations Program Stormwater Engineer
Conservation Halton City of Burlington
905.336.1158 ext. 2276 905.335.7600 ext. 7426
cpriddle@hrca.on.ca umar.malik@burlington.ca

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