Mapping and Data

Mapping and Data

Conservation Halton’s Geographic Information System (GIS) is designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present digital data relevant to the preservation of ecology, environment and human interaction within the watershed.  Data analysis, project services, mapping and GIS data development support a wide variety of watershed activities including planning and permit review, restoration of sensitive natural heritage areas, and recreation.

Online Mapping

Our interactive mapping provides information about our watershed, including Conservation Halton Parks and Properties, trails, the Niagara Escarpment and the provincial Greenbelt. Business processes such as Planning and Permits are also supported through our web maps. 

Open Data

Conservation Halton’s platform for exploring and downloading open data, discovering web apps, and engaging communities to solve important local issues. 

If there is data you would like to see on our open data site, please request it through our feedback form.

GIS Data

To obtain digital GIS data (not included in Open Data) from Conservation Halton, fill out the Digital Information Request Form with the specific data sets that you wish to obtain.  Once completed and submitted to, staff develop a Data Licensing Agreement (DLA) that lists the data requested, and any fees that will be applied to complete your request. Upon payment of fees and the signed DLA, work will commence to prepare the data for the client. 

Our digital Data Holdings and Availability document will assist you in determining what data is available from Conservation Halton, and information on where to go for "third party datasets" (data Conservation Halton cannot provide due to licensing restrictions). Our fee schedule is also described in this document. 

The Data Dissemination Policy is an overview of data distribution at Conservation Halton and briefly describes the "Groups" subject to fees. Any fees recovered under this policy contribute to funding the update of GIS data and maps provided to the public. 

Typically requests are processed within 5 days of receipt of the signed DLA, however, capacity and the size of the data request will have an impact on timelines. Staff will provide with an anticipated delivery date during correspondence.       

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