Memoranda of Understanding

Conservation Halton (CH) provides a range of planning and advisory services to watershed municipalities and other agencies. These services are typically outlined in Memoranda of Understanding or Agreement with individual municipalities and agencies.

Through these MOUs, CH provides

  1. Technical input regarding potential environmental impacts and
  2. Advice about how damaging impacts can be avoided or reduced and/or how opportunities for mitigation, restoration or improvement of environmental features and functions can be realized.

Comments apply to a range of matters including but not limited to natural hazards, natural heritage, and water quality and quantity.

The terms of the agreements for planning services provided by CH differ, depending on the in-house staff expertise and resource issues of concern within the specific municipality or agency. 

The Region of Halton, local municipalities, and conservation authorities recently renewed a high-level Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This MOU outlines general principles and approaches, but does not specifically define roles and responsibilities for planning services. Specific roles and responsibilities will be defined further in accordance with the renewed MOU. In the meantime, the roles and responsibilities as expressed in the 1999 MOU and Schedule 1 will apply.

CH’s MOU’s with municipal partners include: