Mountsberg Animal Food Fund

When we launched the Mountsberg Animal Food Fund, we couldn’t have anticipated the overwhelming community support we would receive. We hoped to raise $10,000 to fund a portion of food costs, and ended up raising more than $46,000 in just one week. We want to thank each and every one of you who donated. 

Thanks to your generous donations, the animals who call Mountsberg home are thriving and have even welcomed a few more friends! The Mountsberg Animal Food Fund has helped with the following on the farm:

• Purchasing a blanket for Sally, our senior horse, to keep her warm on the colder nights.
• Neutering Blue the rabbit, who is happy he can now join his female companions in a larger enclosure.
• Buying a hay feeder for resident donkeys Jenny and Emma, which reduces food waste.
• Welcoming six new chicks to the farm this March.

On the other side of the park at the Raptor Centre, the Mounstberg Animal Food Fund has also lent a wing to our feathered friends by allowing us to add two new owls to our flock in 2020. We welcomed Alistair the Tawny Owl and JJ the Spectacled Owl who came to us from the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre when they restructured their program. These charismatic birds are quickly becoming visitor favourites and are allowing us to expand our offerings at the park.

The animals at Mountsberg still need your help. This summer we hope to raise $20,000 for the Food Fund. This will help to feed the animals for the year as things return to normal. It will also help us build a fence and horse paddock for Ruby, Ollie and Ody. This provides shelter and helps us monitor the food for our equine friends at Mountsberg.