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2019 Conservation Halton Board Advisory Committee Memberships

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Mayor Rob Burton (Chair)

Councillor Allan Elgar

Councillor Cathy Duddeck (Chair)

Councillor Mike Cluett

Councillor Moya Johnson

Councillor Rick Di Lorenzo

Joanne Di Maio

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward

Mayor Gordon Krantz

Councillor Moya Johnson

Gerry Smallegange

Councillor Bryan Lewis

Jim Sweetlove (Vice Chair)


Councillor Rory Nisan (Vice Chair)



Jean Williams




Agricultural Advisory Panel

The Hamilton-Halton Watershed Agricultural Advisory Panel was formed to promote open communications with the agricultural community in the watersheds of the Hamilton and Halton Conservation Authorities. The meetings are based on cooperation, understanding and an open exchange of information.

At a minimum, Agricultural Advisory Panel members shall:

  • Report to their respective federations and sectors on panel business;
  • Provide effective leadership for coordinated stewardship programs;
  • Promote agriculture in the watersheds;
  • Develop a dialogue process;
  • Build strong relationships between the conservation authorities and the local agricultural community to address common issues and interests;
  • Work cooperatively to provide solutions to points of contention that may arise between the conservation authorities and the local agricultural community, recognizing that from time to time philosophical differences may arise that, while remaining unresolved, will not hinder the spirit of mutual respect and cooperation.


The membership of the Agricultural Advisory Panel includes representatives from Conservation Halton, Hamilton Conservation Authority, Ontario Federation of Agriculture county chapters located within the watersheds, and the agricultural sector.

The Committee includes:

  • 3 representatives from the Halton Region Federation of Agriculture
  • 3 representatives from the Hamilton Wentworth Federation of Agriculture
  • 1 staff representative from the Ontario Federation of Agriculture
  • 1 representative from the Region of Halton’s Halton Agricultural Advisory Committee
  • 1 staff representative from the Region of Halton
  • 1 - 3 members representing a cross-section of the agricultural community
  • staff representatives from Conservation Halton and Hamilton Conservation Authority 

Frequency of Meetings 

  • Quarterly 


Nigel Finney, Watershed Restoration Planner
Send an E-mail to Nigel Finney
Tel: 905-336-1158 Ext. 2305