Conservation Halton Parks

Rattlesnake Point

A lush tree canopy, bold-faced cliffs, 264 hectares of protected space, and glacial deposits make Rattlesnake Point one of the most beautiful spots in Ontario.

Hilton Falls

Geocaches, mountain biking, 33.5 km of trails, and of course, the waterfall, Hilton Falls is a beauty to explore at all times of the year.

Mount Nemo

Explore the caves, climb the cliff faces, and enjoy the secluded trails and gorgeous vistas of Mount Nemo. It’s a hiker’s paradise away from the city.

Crawford Lake

A rare meromictic lake, a 15th century reconstructed longhouse village, and over 19 km of trails. Crawford Lake is steeped in science, history, and natural beauty.

Robert Edmondson

Robert Edmondson is the best kept secret of Conservation Halton Parks. The trail is perfect for a quiet, peaceful nature walk through the forest and wetlands.


Mountsberg is the place for those who want fun, outdoor, educational experiences from horse-drawn wagon rides, to meeting nose-to-beak with an owl at the Raptor Centre. Mountsberg Dam is open for fishing access.


What do you call a park that completely changes from a ski hill in the winter to a sports playground in the summer? We call it Kelso Conservation Area.

Glen Eden

Situated on the Niagara Escarpment in Milton, Glen Eden is the premier skiing and boarding destination in the GTA.

Park Hours


9:00 am - 9:00 pm
May 22 - October 12

Crawford Lake, Hilton Falls, Kelso Summit, Mount Nemo and Rattlesnake Point are open by RESERVATION ONLY.

Mountsberg Dam is open for fishing access and Robert Edmondson is open. No reservations are required.

Mountsberg Park and the Main Gate at Kelso are CLOSED.

All facilities remain CLOSED.