Permit Application

For Conservation Halton (CH) staff to appropriately assess your proposal, the submission of a number of information items and technical studies may be required. An application for permission to undertake development shall contain the following:

  • A completed and signed permit application form;
  • The application fee payment;
  • Four (4) copies of a plan of the area showing the type and location of the development or and/or plan view and cross-section details of the proposed alteration;
  • The proposed use of any buildings and structures following completion of the development;
  • The start and completion dates of the development;
  • The elevations of existing buildings, if any, and grades and the proposed elevations of buildings and grades after development;
  • Drainage details before and after development;
  • A complete description of the type of fill proposed to be placed or dumped;
  • Such other technical studies or plans as the Authority may request

These requirements may vary depending on the nature and extent of the works proposed, so it is best to check with CH staff prior to submitting a permit application.

Click here to see Conservation Halton’s Permit Review Process.

Should a resubmission of technical plans or studies be required, you will be requested to complete a resubmission form.