Permit Review Process


It is strongly recommended that you plan ahead and contact Conservation Halton (CH) prior to submitting an application for permit. This will provide you with clarity and direction about what information, studies and fees are needed for the application as well as the time line required to review your application. To facilitate the pre-consultation meeting, you should submit in writing as much information about your proposed works as possible prior to the meeting (e.g. concept plan, when/how work will take place, etc.)

Complete permit application

Once a pre-consultation meeting has occurred and a permit application submitted, staff will either confirm that the application is complete, or provide you with a written list of missing or incomplete information. Staff will strive to provide this confirmation within 21 days. Once all information has been submitted and the application is deemed complete, staff strive to complete a review of the application within 30 days for minor applications and 90 days for major applications (those that are complex and/or require technical review). However, under certain circumstances, review times may be longer.

The following checklists are used to determine what studies are required (if any) to deem a permit application complete. At the meeting, CH will work with you to ensure that only those studies that are required for the technical review of your individual permit application are identified in the appropriate checklist. Only complete permit applications, with the appropriate fee attached, will be processed.

The permit review process

CH staff will work with all applicants to ensure that wherever possible, your proposal meets the requirements of Ontario Regulation 162/06 and CH policies and decisions are made in a timely manner.

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