Plan Review Process

When an applicant submits a planning application to a municipality, municipal staff may screen the application to determine whether it is within the area of interest of Conservation Halton (CH). CH may be requested to attend a formal pre-consultation meeting with the applicant and the municipality.

At the pre-consultation meeting, CH staff will identify the type of technical information needed for CH to assess the application (e.g. topographical survey, geotechnical study, etc.) and determine whether approval from CH is required under Ontario Regulation 162/06.

Plan review fees will be outlined during the pre-consultation meeting. If the applicant does not submit a fee with the formal application, or there is no pre-consultation meeting, the municipal staff will advise the applicant of the applicable fee and request a cheque payable to Conservation Halton.

For complex applications, it is recommended as best practice to pre-consult with the municipality, Conservation Halton and other agencies prior to submitting a planning application.

The goal of the pre-consultation process is to:

  • discuss the nature and extent of the proposed works and define and scope technical studies and information that will be required in order for Conservation Halton to assess the application;
  • identify any issues or concerns early in the process;
  • clarify roles and responsibilities;
  • specify complete application requirements; and,
  • reduce or eliminate draft or repeat submissions later in the process

For an outline of CH’s plan review process, click here.