Tree Planting Program

Conservation Halton is dedicated to creating a healthy and sustainable natural environment. Tree planting provides a variety of environmental benefits such as protecting water quality and quantity, reducing soil erosion, cleaning our air, and providing wildlife habitat. Average annual tree planting numbers used to range from 80,000-110,000 trees (2004-2018). Currently, the Forestry department plants 30,000-50,000 trees per year. We recently committed to plant 60,000-75,000 trees and shrubs under the 2 Billion Tree Program throughout our watershed each year, with the goal of reaching an overall forest cover of 30%.

Conservation Halton is looking for landowners interested in planting trees on their properties that have a minimum of 0.5 acres of open land suitable for tree planting. There is funding available from several sources that can offset the costs of large-scale tree planting projects. This includes Forests Ontario’s 50 Million Tree Program (ending in 2022) and the Government of Canada’s Growing Canada’s Forests (GCF) 2 Billion Tree Program (2BT, started in 2020). In this new 2BT Program, the Government is committed to planting an additional 2 billion trees over the next 10 years as part of a broader approach to nature-based climate solutions. Take a look at Forests Ontario’s website or Canada’s website to learn more about why these programs are so valuable, and how they are helping Ontarian’s combat climate change.

Conservation Halton Forestry staff will conduct a free site visit to discuss your project objectives and create a planting plan that is well suited to your property. We will help you access and apply to the appropriate funding programs to reduce the cost of tree planting. Installation and follow up monitoring/tending/infilling of the project at years 1, 2 and 5 is included.

Program requirements:

  1. Minimum 500 trees to be planted may qualify
  2. Minimum 0.5 acres of open/plant-able land
  3. Eligible project types include afforestation, riparian, windbreak, and restoration
  4. Willing to sign 15 year agreement stating you will not cut, harvest, or otherwise remove the trees from the planted area for a minimum of 15 years after planting
  5. Willing to protect the trees from livestock, wildlife and machinery damage
  6. Able to cover the remaining costs of the tree planting after subsidies
If you think your property qualifies for this program, email us at and you will be screened through all of our available funding programs.

Looking to purchase trees?

Looking for native locally sourced tree seedlings? Conservation Halton offers over the counter sales of tree seedlings every spring. Trees are available in late April to May (depending on seasonal weather conditions.) Send your tree requests to and forestry staff will be in touch to confirm your order request and species availability. 


  • A minimum order of 100 trees is required (50 per species)
  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at time of order.