Winter Water Safety

Snowy trails and icy water make for some beautiful scenery when out for a winter walk in the Conservation Halton Parks or on the local municipal trail systems throughout the watershed. While pretty to look at, water (including reservoirs, channels, the lake, and municipally managed storm water management ponds) is unsafe to venture out on, especially during the winter months.

Conservation Halton encourages getting outside this winter to support the physical and mental health of our community, but reminds residents to be aware of the dangers and risks associate with water and ice, especially at this time of year. When it comes to bodies of water, no ice is safe ice.

Ways to practice water safety this winter:

• Keep family members and pets away from all bodies of water
• Don’t follow pets or people on the ice or attempt to rescue – call 911 for assistance
• Avoid recreational activities in or around waterways (including storm water management ponds) and check with your local municipality for alternative outdoor skating opportunities
• Inform others of your destination and expected time of return
• Dress in layers to protect against hypothermia (decreased body temperature)

More information about winter water safety can be found on the Life Saving Society website.



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