Work with the earth

Employees will learn and work together on habitat restoration, tree planting, and more. Conservation Halton experts, such as restoration ecologists and foresters, will lead your staff through a fun, and meaningful, teambuilding experience. Your employees will leave our sites proud of their environmental stewardship.

How it works

We will collaborate with you to create an employee volunteer event that suits your needs. We take care of the supplies, you provide the employees. 

Our activities

•  Adopt a plot

•  Tree planting

•  Seed collection and planting

•  Invasive species removal

•  Habitat creation

•  Stream restoration

•  Trail maintenance and cleanup

•  More!

We can also look at restoration and planting efforts that take place on your company’s property—a perfect way to help you develop a healthy work environment. 

Our engagement activities can help you demonstrate good corporate citizenship where you live and work. Please call  (905) 336-1158 extension 2256 to book now.